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Over 70% of all purchases made, are done through the internet, using a computer, Tablet, or Cell Phone now days. Having this in mind, it is very important for business owners to have a web site that is accessable to the many devices out there. Weather your business is selling product, services, or information, you will want people to be able to access your information from the comfort of their home 24 X 7. The way to do this is by having a responsive web site with pages set to help you run your business. Large corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have high end web sites that are set up so that individules can modify parts of the site. They then hire web developers to maintain the web site. Unfortunately, the small business owner can not put out that kind of money to get the web presence they need, and most of the cheaper options either require that you know how to program, and / or manage your own site. This is where SMDS comes in.



SMDS is a one stop shop for all your internet needs


SMDS offers services to help you have that internet Presence you need at a fraction of the cost. We do this by helping you create a website that will grow with your business. As your business needs more on their web site, because of the framework we use, we can simply expand and add on only the modules needed for your business.


Writing Web Sites:

SMDS writes web sites for you. We can use a Joomla or WordPress theme, or we can write your code from scratch



SMDS offers many Hosting plans. We have a plan that will fit your needs, or we will create a custom plan for you.



SMDS Offers Web Site maintenance as well as SEO maintenance, for your site.


Applications (Apps):

SMDS writes custom applications. If your business needs an application do perform a task, SMDS can write you an application to perform this task.