SMDS offers several hosting plans, but what exactly is hosting?

In order to have a web page or site visible, it needs to be placed on a web server. Web Servers can be rather expensive, but don't have to be. It really depends on your needs. A typical web site uses a very small portion of a web server, but in order to run properly, the site has to be on a web server.

Companies like SMDS own several web servers, and offer to "Host" your site on our servers (Normally for a cost). Basically, hosting companies place the files that make up your site in a special directory that you would have access to (Typically /var/www). The hosting company then adds your domain name ( into their nameserver cluster, so that when people type in your domain name, it points to your site,

A simpler explanation would be that hosting is basically renting space on the internet to place your web site.