Photo Pages Known Errors

9 months 4 weeks ago #4 by mboyle
A photo page can be used in many ways.
I am using Photo pages for my travel pages

How to create a Photo Page:
1. Go to site and log in (As user with rights to create and modify articles)
2. Open the Site Control Panel
3. Select File Manager
4. Under public_html/images/galleries/ you will see several gallery folders.
5. Add folder for your pictures. (Note: Filename should be all one word with no spaces or special characters)
6. Make note of the folder name (galleries/FOLderName) [Case sensitive]
-at this point, you can close the CP. If you plan to make more gallery pages, you can either create all the folders, then procede to the pages, OR You can keep the CP open in a window, and flash back and forth as needed.
7. In the main page on the site, under user menu select 'Create an Article'
8. Fill in the title
9. Write content
10 within the content, wherever you want the gallery to show (Usually at the bottom), put {gallery}galleries/FOLderName{/gallery} to have the module place the gallery.
11. Open Publishing tab
12. Set Category
13. Choose or add Tabs
14. select Access level
15. Save Page
The article has now been created, and the image module has been pointed to the image directory, and the page content has been written. Next we need to point a menu to the page. To do this, follow these steps.
1. Open ACP
2 Under Menus, select Manage
3. Select main menu your menu item will reside
4. Select NEW
5. Fill in Title (Usually the same as the article (page) title
6. On Menu Type, under Articles, select Single Article
7. Where it says select an article, Select the article your menu should point to.
8. On the right hand side, make sure Menu is set to the correct menu
9. On the right hand side, Select Parent Item (If required)
10. Save work
11. Once saved, select ordering, by selecting Item you want the menu to follow
12. Make sure the rights are set
13. Save and close
Menu Item now points to the page. Verify and test

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9 months 4 weeks ago #5 by mboyle
To make the option to upload files to your image directory, you will need to create an Upload Module
To do this:
1. Open ACP
2. Under Extensions, select modules
3. Select New - Easy File Uploader
4. Fill in title with this format ( upload [page name] pix ) (ie upload My pictures pix)
5. Parent Folder - images
6. Upload Folder - /galleries/foldername
7. I set the option to override to off.
8. Set the access level - Remember, THIS is where you set the level for uploading files.
9. Verify that all the settings are like you need them.
10. On the position setting, select Position - 2 under active positions
11. change file size to 1000000000
13. Click on Menu assignment
14. Change selection to only pages selected
15. Turn off all menus except for the one you created for the article
16. Save and close

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9 months 4 weeks ago #6 by mboyle
Replied by mboyle on topic Photo Pages Known Errors
A blue section that says:
There was a problem rendering your image gallery. Please make sure that the folder you are using in the Simple Image Gallery plugin tags exists and contains valid image files. The plugin could not locate the folder: images/galleries/FoLdErNaMe/

This usually means there are no images in said directory

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