Madera Mini Storage

AT&T project

When AT&T came out to extend the fiber optic back to our new office, we could not get the fish tape to go through the conduit. The conduit was 2 1/2", and only had 2 ethernet cables in it, so it should have been an easy pull. We pushed the tape from each end, and found the approx. area the plug was. When I dug down to the conduit, I instantly found an issue. There were some exposed wires

Seeing this, I was told to dig them up and fix the conduit. SSMC rented an excavator, and I exposed the conduit in the area

I repaired the 3 2 1/2" PVC Conduit runs

To fix the 4" PVC with 3phase in it, I split sections to replace the crushed section. After completing the repair, the 4" PVC was  covered in tape, then coated in PlastiCote to insure weather tight. Then the 4" line was covered in concrete. The 2 1/2" lines were covered in sand, as well as the water lines.

Once filled, the area was compressed, and covered with gravel.