In 1973, the Universities learned how to communicate between themselves over a network. This expanded and in 1983, the internet was born. The internet at this time was all word based and very slow. There were no search engines to help you get to where you need to go in the quickly expanding internet. Mark Boyle (SMDS CEO) and a few friends got together and formed Star Links in 1984. This was a web service that collected links and categorized them for easy access.  In mid 1990, Archie emerged, and began what we know today as the search engine. At this time, Mark bought out his partners, so they could pursue Data Security and data collection. Mark Made some company changes to the company, and started investing in website development. As MySql came about, and the big players started building the super search engines, SMDS was formed. SMDS focused entirely on Web development, Data Management, and Customer Portals. As websites developed, they became more and more dependent on databases. this worked well for SMDS, as they became very good at both.

Now days, SMDS Builds, Hosts, and maintains websites. We build databases and Database tables for our clients to be able to store and access their data. Today's responsive websites, access data to give the viewer the best information possible. These websites and the databases that they use need to be maintained. SMDS has several maintenance plans available.